Mobile Theological Library

Presbytery Mobile Theological Library

An unusual Presbytery initiative was launched in 2019 with the opening of a Mobile Theological Library to serve readers within the borders of Irvine and Kilmarnock Presbytery. A wide range of books on more than 140 topics of Christian faith and practice have been assembled to service readers keen to develop their understanding of how the Christian faith relates to the issues of today.

Readers will be able to borrow up to three books over a three month period before returning or exchanging when next the delivery ‘run’ comes their way. A monthly run is anticipated once lock-down restrictions are lifted.

Rev. Paul Burgess, the scheme’s Co-Ordinator, explains that the library is set out as a kind of ‘walk through the world of theology’, starting with the Bible and Doctrine, progressing though Contemporary Studies and Mission to Practical and Pastoral Theology. Though containing books at different levels (from ‘easy reads’ to more ‘challenging’) the library is intended for all serving in the church who have a hunger for extending their theological knowledge and deepening their understanding of their faith and its implications for witness and service. Paul is a member of Caldwell Parish Church, who sponsored this library, funding for which was assisted with a set-up grant from the Presbytery Mission Primer Fund.

A "Book of the Month" notice is available most months for projecting in Church Overhead Intimations. This consists of a single frame photo of the front cover, accompanied by a sentence stating why a particular Library user recommends the book.

Those interested in borrowing from this library should contact Paul Burgess on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. They are invited, at the same time, to select their first ‘read(s)’ from the Library list, downloadable at:
MTL List & Subjects 151 titles & contents


 “10 Titles on Communicating with Today’s World” are also available for viewing at:

MTL Lists @ Contemporary subjects 10 titles